Spring and Summer Lake Maintenance

A simple checklist for your body of water to make sure it is ready for the season.

  1. Lake Maintenance From The Shoreline
    You need to check the perimeter of the lake to make sure that you are not losing soil. People can slip and fall into the water if you have rocks and sand that are breaking up just by the water’s edge. You can reinforce the shoreline with help from larger rocks and sandbags that can be purchased from any local hardware store. The sand and rocks can be used to make the shore much stronger, or you could raise the ground a couple feet so that you do not have water rushing over fractured soil.
  2. Check Your Algae
    If you find algae present in the lake you can do a simple water test to see what type of algae is present. Lake water tends to be stagnant, and it is good idea to have it tested throughout the spring and summer. A basic water test tells you if the algae is safe, and if it is not you should perform an algae treatment as soon as possible. The treatment takes time to filter through the lake, and you must not let people and pets in the water until you know the algae is safe for swimmers.
  3. Clear Up The Shoreline
    The shoreline might be incredibly stable, but it will have grass and brush growing that can get in the way. People who are walking close to the shore could fall into the water at any time, and they will not see the edge coming because the grass is so high. Yank out these weeds with a pair of gloves if you can. If the brush is very tall, you should use a hedge trimmer or weed wacker that will cut down the brush quickly. It is important to have sight of the water line at all times. People who cannot see the edge can fall in, and this usually happens to children who cannot swim.
  4. Check Your Dock
    You might have a small dock that sits on your lake, and it must be checked every year regardless of how long it has stood. You might think your dock is very stable, but it could lose footing at any time if there is a shift in the lake bed. You cannot see what is happening with the posts that hold up your dock, and these posts should be reinforced if they begin to wobble.
  5. Conclusion
    Using a lake during the spring and summer for entertainment is not all that exciting if it is not maintained properly. You should check the algae, check your dock, and clear up the shoreline. Reinforce your shoreline when it is not stable, and hire a professional when you cannot get all the work done yourself. Your lake might be dangerous until you have taken care of everything on this list.