Lake Management & Maintenance

Together we will create a maintenance schedule that is right for your unique body of water. The plans are individualized to maintain the stability of the habitat and ensure its continued health and vitality. This knowledge will allow us to work within the constraints of the lake’s individual biodiversity and the desires of the customer. 

On a scheduled Maintenance route, we will be looking for and removing trash/debris, checking on the proper water levels, observing mechanical systems for optimal performance and inspecting the lake for nuisance levels of algae and weeds. The whole lake is inspected each and every visit. This means examining all coves, corners, inlets and outlets.


We perform installation and maintenance of aeration systems.  The installation of a new aeration system will reduce stratification within the water column and increase available dissolved oxygen for a healthier and more balanced environment for the lake ecosystem.

We maintain previously installed systems to keep them functioning at optimal efficiency. We can implement maintenance schedules and replace parts that continually wear out so you never have to wonder where your bubbles are.

Chemical Applications

Chemicals will be applied in accordance with Department of Pesticide Regulations Best Management Practices. This service can be combined with the regular lake maintenance or performed on a case by case basis. Weed and algae identification is the first step in determining the treatment. This keeps us from applying the wrong compound or unnecessary amounts. We have an array of application equipment that allows us to treat either a small pond or hundreds of acres of waterOur goal with treatments is not to eradicate a pest, but to maintain a balance of life within the body of water.